If You Get These Memes, You Probably Grew Up In 90’s

A trip down memory lane holds a special place in our hearts. It reminds us of the simpler times, and no one floods the internet with nostalgia about the past better than 90’s kids!

There were so many things that made our childhoods wonderful. The excitement of the TV rolling into your classroom, lyrics on cassette tapes, or the binder we used before iTunes existed. Most of these things are barely available today, so let’s take a look back at the nineties through these memes.

MS Paint Was Lit Back In The Day

classic computer games.jpg

Photo Credit: Cool Thing / Facebook

Solitaire, pinball, and minesweeper were the go to games where you spent hours on your computer.

It was so much fun playing solitaire when you saw the cards bouncing away when you won. With minesweeper, you just pressed random buttons and held your breath the entire time.

Before You Could Sit On The Toilet And Browse On Your Phone

life on the toilet.jpg

Photo Credit: @MiaMagadlena/Twitter

If your phone’s dead or you forgot it, you probably still grab the bottle of shampoo. You sat on the toilet memorizing most of your shampoo and conditioner contents.

The worst part of it all is as you get older, your eyes won’t be able to make out the small print.

When You Made A Mixtape For Someone Speical

cd mixtapes.jpg

Photo Credit: Cool Thing / Facebook

Some of you still remember making these on cassette tapes. However, when it came to burning music onto CD’s, it was a bit of trial and error.

Half of the songs would either skip or they weren’t complete, mainly because of the crappy downloads from either Napster or Limewire. If you remember this, you might remember the binder in your car that held so much music. More on that later.

Friday Nights Aren’t The Same Anymore


Photo Credit: @LumenSunnyvale/Twitter

It was cool when you got the bucket deal with the popcorn and a box of candy. Blockbuster was the movie theater away from movie theaters.

Now, all we have today is Netflix and chill. If you still have your Blockbuster card, that might be worth good money one day.

The Excitement Of Seeing The TV Roll Into The Room

best school day ever.jpg

Photo Credit: @theratchetvine/Twitter

If you were the official remote for this TV, you are the real MVP. The second this bad boy rolled into your classroom, you knew you weren’t doing some pop quiz.

Then, it took like 10 minutes to get the VCR going. Once that baby warmed up, it was time to turn off the lights and chill.

Don’t Forget About The Binder In The Car That Could Hold Up To Five CDs


Photo Credit: Cool Thing / Facebook

Admit it, you used to love adding to your CD collection. Most compact discs were pretty cool to look through. When these were relevant, you could hold, like 25 discs in your car.

It was awesome because you could switch from one CD to another. It was the original shuffle. Every one of your classmates said, “Psst, pass it on!” with this 90’s note coming up.

This Really Helped You Understand The Lyrics

they really had this.jpg

Photo Credit: Pinterest

You could do the same thing with vinyl. When it’s playing on the record player, just read off the sleeve.

The album sleeves were so much easier to read than cassette liners. Also, who remembers hating the inserts without lyrics? Those were some fun times.

Love The Theory That Kevin’s Dad Was Involved With The Mafia

home alone.jpg

Photo Credit: @90smadness/Instagram

There’s always been one questionable thing when it came to Home Alone. How Kevin’s dad managed to afford a big house and a holiday to Paris for nine people.

Interestingly enough, in 2012, a new owner paid $1.585 million for the house. So, Kevin’s dad being apart of the mafia might be true after all.

Psst, Pass This On Please

old school way of talking to people.jpg

Photo Credit: Cool Thing / Facebook

Everybody who got this was definitely reading the note before passing it along. It sucked when you had that one teacher who would confiscate it and read aloud any note they saw.

It was hilarious when they read something like “Rob’s got a big duty to do in the toilet” because they said ‘duty.’ Still on the way, a handheld digital pet was harder than taking care of an actual child.

The Pain Of The Tape Coming Out

kids don't know what this is.jpg

Photo Credit: Cool Thing / Facebook

Then you have to put the reel in and wind it up with a pen or pencil. At some point, you would get good at putting in something and spinning the tape around like it was a New Year’s party favor.

It takes a bit of practice at first, but it’s less tedious and more fun.

School Essays Aren’t The Same Anymore

this was lit back in the day.jpg

Photo Credit: @KidsWillNeverKnow/Twitter

Word art was cool and all, but this is why we all got zeros on our essays. This used to provide all the entertainment we needed, especially in your computer class.

Let’s be honest here — the blue wave was the best format in word art of all time. Outside of that one, the third last one on the bottom right was the only other option.

Rest In Peace To Every Tamagotchi

tama blur.jpg

Photo Credit: 90’s Til Dawn / Facebook

It was the end of the world for you when your Tamagotchi passed away. Your heart would burst when they died, and it was a painful experience.

But, it was all your fault for being irresponsible. You were the one who gave up when they would get hungry or sick. On hot days, this candy would melt fast on your wrists. You’ll never guess which candy it was.

Nobody Realized The Game Actually Finished

before hotline bling.jpg

Photo Credit: Cool Thing / Facebook

You would either have sore thumbs from the N64 controller or the snake game on your parent’s cell phone. This was the best phone game of all time, way before smartphones came into our lives.

Your parents would nice and let you play so you could have a “play phone” when you were younger.

Long Before People Were Sliding Into DM’S

not sliding into dms.jpg

Photo Credit: @throwbackmachine/Instagram

The second the sun touched down on that metal, you knew it wasn’t the best time to go down the slide.

The metal slides were just too dangerous, which is why parks replaced them with plastic ones instead. But we never learned the lessons about electricity quite like when we were sliding down that plastic tube of death.

On Hot Days, The Sweets Would Melt Against Your Arm

before the iwatch.jpg

Photo Credit: @90smadness/Instagram

You would end up looking like you were wearing a color chart. Candy bracelets were the cheapest thing you could buy at the candy store.

Most of you don’t want to fork out hundreds of dollars for an Apple watch. I don’t even want one for myself. The one piece of clothing that luckily went away should bring you back to the blunder years of fashion.

If You Lost This, Sticking A Tiny Piece Of Paper Did The Trick

pencils with things on them.jpg

Photo Credit: @SRK_Worshipper/Twitter

These pencils were pretty revolutionary. Some of you liked them while others found it a bit annoying. Especially when you lost a piece and you can’t reuse the old ones.

That’s when you realized you wasted your money on something useless. Now, there are mechanical pencils for that.

Hours, Days, And Months Spent At The Library

this was my google.jpg

Photo Credit: Cool Thing / Facebook

If you knew how to read those cards, you’re probably pretty happy with how far along we’ve come come since then. The touch and smell of the well-worn drawers and the cards themselves were breathtaking.

But for kids today, this isn’t their thing. They just surf the web to this website called Wikipedia, destroyer of all essays.

The Wallet Chain Is Missing

jeans in 1999.jpg

Photo Credit: connivingly/Imgur

When it’s not okay, but you say it is. Those jeans were so low you could see the crack in your butt.

It was better than jeans with so many holes in it to the point where you don’t even know what you spent $90 on. This is still better than seeing really high skinny jeans on men.

Those Were The Days Of Comfort

the way we dress.jpg

Photo Credit: Blyde/Imgur

These days, it’s all about showing off who has the better swag. To be fair, kids clothes look a lot better today than ever before.

Corduroy jeans will haunt anyone to this day. Even now, you can still hear the phantom sounds of “swish swish swish.”

The Weird Robotic Noises Was Like Having Our Own R2-D2

downloading music was a struggle.jpg

Photo Credit: Cool Thing / Facebook

It was like a sing-along for you. “Beep, beep, trssstttssssss.” Luckily, a walkman had the anti-skip feature that was a godsend for those bus rides to school and home.

The crappy computers in school would freeze and you could move the error box to make a fun screen. It was a simpler time, ok?