Undercover Geniuses Who Went And Beat The System

Some just tread above water, barely making by and struggling through every step. Others will find the ledge and hold onto it because they know they can’t tread any longer. These are the types of people you need to surround yourself with. Ones that are willing to beat the system in a water treading contest (life) no matter what they have to do.

You can take the easy way, or you can find a way that has the optics of being hard but is actually really easy. Like when you wanted to eat food and play on your tablet but your parents didn’t allow food in the living room or your tablet in the kitchen. So, if you’re smart you’ll lay half in the kitchen and half in the living room so that you can achieve both tasks at once. This list shows the many creative ways people will attempt to beat the system and it’s amazing.

Dessert At Some Restaurants Are As Expensive As An Engagement Ring. Cut Your Losses

Faked A Proposal.jpg

This is a life hack that every couple should master. We all know that when the waitress comes around asking “who wants dessert” at least one of you does. This is a simple workaround for a shareable snack that won’t cost you a dime, and you can probably get a few pictures out of it too.

If You’ve Never Wanted To Fight A Parking Ticket Guy Then you Haven’t Lived A Full Life

Park Illegally.jpg

Immoral? Sure. Illegal? I can only assume so. Impressive? Definitely. This is something I’ve always wondered. Like, can you get more than one ticket? Once I get the first, I’d just leave my car behind, because it’s hard to get a good parking spot to begin with.

Willing To Do Anything For A Few Extra Hours With The Boys. The Dedication Is Appreciated


Lads, take notes. Smartphones have completely changed the game when it comes to relationships. You can match with a new partner on Tinder, track their every move on Snapchat, and make sure that they’re actually at home when they say they are, and not actually out with the boys at the bar.

“I’m Getting Into That Party Even If It Means I Have To Wear Those Stilettos And Fake Lashes”

Dress Like A Girl For The Turnup.jpg

It’s not easy to face rejection at any point in life. When the local frat won’t let you through the doors, you have to get creative. Frat parties are one of life’s greatest mysteries, and this guy was going to find out for himself what all the fuss was about. I can only assume he had an eventful night.