These Pictures Prove That The Universe Is Not On Your Side Whatsoever

It’s mindblowing that people think the universe is on our side. Hippies (and my mom) think that by giving positive vibes out to the universe that it’ll give them back to you in some abstract way. I couldn’t agree less.

Very bad things happy to very good people and very good things happen to very bad people. The universe seems to be bipolar in their favors and there’s nothing that proves that point more than this article. Enjoy this list of good samaritans feeling the wrath of the universe which is clearly not on their side.

But Will You Open If I Say “Pretty Please?”

the zoo is temprary.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / superbonnie

The rush of knowing that you’re about to go to the zoo is like none other. You envision yourself staring face to face with a gorilla, a tiger, and a bear.

You put on your best faceless animal hat to match your brown pants and then boom. You’re hit with the reality that it’s closed. This isn’t just a day ruiner, it’s a week ruiner.