These People Are The Likely Winners Of The Nobel Prize For Struggle

Nobel Prizes are given every year to people who over-achieve in their field. Whether it’s chemistry, medicine, economics, physiology or the promotion of peace, Noble winners are shapeshifters and world changers.

But what about the little guy? What about the person struggling to put one foot in front of the other? Or the person who runs into poles when talking to someone and the person who can’t make Kraft Dinner without setting their house on fire? These types of people need some recognition too. Thankfully, this year they are giving a prize to the person who struggles the most in everyday life. They’re calling the award the Nobel Prize of Struggle. Here are the (highly qualified) nominees.

No Carbs? No Problem

growing up broke.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Scaulbylausis

In a world where the biggest enemy we face is carbs, eating soap might not actually seem that weird.

People avoiding carbs will bend over and eat grass straight from a lawn and not feel strange about it. The most effective weapon of mass destruction now is a bagel. When will our government figure this out?

Freeze My Card, Please

making sure I save money.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @flamingpantuals

What’s really awful about credit cards is that when you use one, it doesn’t feel like real money. When you throw down $1,000 on shoes it feels like you’re playing with fake money.

There is only one way to stop the use of your credit card and that’s to freeze it. No, not figuratively, I’m talking literal freezing. Like they did to Austin Powers.

Milk It For Everything It’s Worth

you know the struggle.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @ConnorTheGooner

There’s no bigger struggle than having to go to a store to buy toothpaste. No one has ever preemptively bought toothpaste with anticipation theirs is going to run out.

You milk that tube for everything it’s worth until the very last bit. The ways you’ll try to get a poot of toothpaste at the end of its life is insane. The folding and the pushing, it’s basically a sport. Coming up, a picture that perfectly illustrates the struggle every college student has faced at least once.

No Strings Attached

recently divorcd.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @_antisocial_butterfly_x

This describes relationships perfectly in one picture. This guy is homeless but he’s still happier than he was when he was married.

He no longer has to try to precisely answer the time he’s going to be home, he no longer has to wash his undies, and he certainly isn’t obligated to shower every day.

It’s Better Than The Stilts

Official Campaign.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @will_ent

It’s hard to blame this girl for wearing these bags on her feet instead of those stilts in her hand.

How girls can go out wearing heels is beyond me. The lengths they’ll go to ensure that they’re two inches taller is incredible and, quite honestly, honorable.

College Creativity Is On A Whole Other Level

In college you learn.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @girlsthinkimfunny

Problem-solving is a big part of adulthood. The challenge is that you don’t actually learn how to solve problems until college and, let’s be honest, you’re not very good at it.

For example, it’s normal to have just one cookie that needs to last you three days in college because you’re poor. That means you should cut the cookie into nine pieces so you can have three per day. But instead you cut it into two because you’re a fat selfish student. This picture just ahead shows that maybe grandparents aren’t the superheroes we want to believe they are. It seems they struggle too.

We All Need Somebody To Lean On

Finals Week.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @rogerstrand97

Finals week is one of the most stressful times of your life, or at least that’s what it feels like at the time.

It seems that your world is collapsing in front of you, you’re on the verge of your sixth mental breakdown of the day, and you’ve slept five hours in the past five days. Everyone needs someone to lean on, even if that person is a complete stranger.

Setting The Bar Really High

plan of the day.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / greengasser11

When it’s a Saturday night and you know you’re going to black out, it’s important that you set goals for yourself.

That doesn’t mean that your goals have to be high at all. It could be as simple as just not dying, not getting kicked out of the bar, and not ending up on the news.

“Now Slowly Press The Gas”

atv racing.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Dizmodo

It goes without saying that you can count on your grandparents for almost anything. You walk into their house and your mouth is attacked with homemade food.

You could literally commit homicide and the first question your grandma would ask is whether you’re hungry or not. Grandparents are superheroes. Well, not physically, but mentally and emotionally. Coming up, a picture that will make you never want to take an escalator again.

It’s Safe To Say Mistakes Were Made


Photo Credit: Reddit / Dustinj1991

Not everyone is born for a life in the kitchen. “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen” is a saying that many people should follow, literally.

If you’re clumsy, you probably need to stay away from cooking. This girl thought that despite the fact that she can’t walk in a straight line without tripping, she should cook. Look how that turned out, Sarah.

Robot Vacuum Featuring Dog Poop

dog poop dog poop.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / LRT_Razer

Who knew that a puppy and a robot vacuum could create such a crappy situation. That’s the last dad joke of the article, I promise.

Anyway, this dog is marking its territory in the most efficient way possible. It doesn’t need to go pee on everything, it just needs to have the vacuum spread its poop around like a tractor.

Going Up Forcefully


Photo Credit: Imgur / Dimassamid

Escalators are not your friends and they never will be. Think about it. No one has ever been saved by an escalator.

People fall down the moving stairs, they ruin their shirts, and they die. Sorry, that got really dark, but sometimes reality is really dark. Coming up, if you’ve never seen a person look like an acorn before, just wait.

There Are Bad Work Days And Then There’s This Day

bad days .jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Thisisaninues

Just remember that if you’re ever having a bad day at work, you’re not these guys who smashed thousands of eggs on the ground.

Their only job was to make sure that the eggs don’t break, and not only did they fail on one count, they failed on just about every account possible.

This Is Revolutionizing Laundromats

spotted in derby town.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @nochill

It goes without saying that doing laundry is actually expensive. This guy has it all figured out and I think we can all incorporate his tactics into our lives.

It takes a hero to go to war, but it takes a legend to wash your clothes in someone else’s laundry machine and then run away. Move over laundromats, hello Kijiji.

There’s No Way To Get Out Of Looking Like An Acorn

please pray for me.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

In today’s image-focused society, it doesn’t pay to be ugly. Not saying that this girl is ugly, but she doesn’t look human (which historically doesn’t help).

She looks like she just fell out of an oak tree and now a squirrel is trying to eat her. There are a lot of treatments and surgeries that could be done, but this person might be a lost cause. Coming up, a friend who took one for the team and paid the price. In the bathroom of all places.

“Take It From A Different Angle Sweetie”

baby taking selfie .jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Once you have a kid, you face the struggle of not being able to spend time with friends. Friends = more pictures for your Instagram.

So when you’re a parent you have to improvise and figure out how to be a mom while also getting a fire profile picture. The struggle is clearly real for this woman.

This Is Extra, But Worth It

is your best friend.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @jadavenson_

We all need friends who will go the extra mile for us when needed. The friends that aren’t afraid to be super extra, to their detriment but to our short-term gain.

They aren’t afraid to literally switch genders for the night to make sure that we make our ex jealous. We need more friends like this around.

The Booty Shorts Bro

my friend needed sweatpants.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Anguyenballer

If you’re a girl, you probably have felt the effects of the high school dress code and the struggle to stay within it.

There are so many regulations and rules that it’s almost impossible to keep up with. No spaghetti straps, pants can’t be too baggy but also not too tight, and shorts have to be at least one hand from your kneecap.

Another One Bites The Dust

Fallen Soldier.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @benhull69

Losing a friend to a relationship is almost harder than losing someone to death. At least with death, it’s finalized and there’s nothing you can really do about it.

When you lose a brother to a girl it’s a completely different kind of hurt. It cuts deep and it stays there for the rest of your life. My thoughts are with these guys during the funeral.

Well, That’s A Sticky Situation

cement cement.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / instanteffect

This is a hard way for a first-time driver to find out what those orange triangle things mean. A life lesson that we all have to learn at one time or another is to stay far away from pylons.

Unfortunately, this person is stuck in a sticky situation but fortunately for us, we all get to laugh at it.