These Families Would Make Going To The Annual Reunion Worth Going To

What would we do without our families? Well, we’d probably be a lot less embarrassed all the time, we wouldn’t have scars on our heads from when our siblings hit us with a golf club, and we wouldn’t get asked “why are you still single?” at every reunion.

With that being said, there are a few families that are actually pretty cool. They’re the ones who are always drunk and don’t have overbearing rules for their kids. They’re the “cool mom” and “cool dad,” all in one family.

RIP To Our Once Innocent Son

thanks giving.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Plott_Twist

When you leave for college, it’s a bittersweet moment for your parents. On one hand, they don’t have to deal with you anymore.

On the other hand, they know that it’s basically the moment that you lose all of your innocence. Any shred of being wholesome gets stripped away the first week you go to college, and this family knows that.

Don’t Shoot The Messenger

my family communicates.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @pimpytrisho

This is one of the smartest communication methods I’ve seen in a long time. A family runs smoothly when communication is clear, and this is as clear as it gets.

Instead of violently yelling up the stairs that dinner is ready, they just use their dog as the medium of transportation.

Grandma Still Has It

Grandma Stand on keg.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @MaddieRae5

Can we talk about how hard keg stands are for the average 20 something, nevermind a grandmother?

Not only do you have the beer shooting down your throat, but you’re balancing on the keg while drinking it upside down. Coming up, a dad packages a chip and sends it to his daughter in the best way.

Adapting Well To Parenthood

your kids are going.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @DrMassicotte

There are many sacrifices that have to be made when you become a parent. All of your free time is sucked away, and your once independent life now revolves around your kid.

You can also say goodbye to all of the free space on your walls because they’re now a canvas for stick people and houses. This dad has adapted quite well to the new artwork.

The Battle Over The Integrity Of Ripped Jeans

stitched up jeans.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @tymumt_o82124

You can commit mass homicide, get expelled from school and say you hate their cooking, and grandparents will still love you.

But, if you wear ripped jeans to a family function, or step foot in their house with them on — the relationship is over. Nothing makes grandparents angrier than ripped jeans.

The Care Package Has Arrived

dad chip crop.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @hannahblewett

If you’ve never had a Trader Joe’s chip, you’re missing out. While many of you will be flabbergasted that there was this much effort in protecting one chip, there’s a good reason.

These chips are a Godsend. The crunch, in combination with the flavoring and thickness, is unmatched in the chip world. Just ahead, a mom whose brutal honesty is hilarious and savage at the same time.

The Internal Conflict Of Parenting

shes only young once.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Tayhannon

Susan remembers when she was a youngster, using her fake ID to get into bars before promptly getting kicked out of them.

The internal conflict of parenting is wanting your kid to have fun but also trying to protect them at all costs. Just let her be Susan, just let her be.

Same Same But Different

Lorde Lorde.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @JorjilsAwesome

Look, there’s nothing wrong with a Joel Osteen concert/celebration/event, but it’s certainly not Lorde.

Last time I checked, Joel wasn’t a young New Zealander with frizzy hair and a gothic vibe. Maybe he changed since the last time I saw him, and I completely back it.

Honesty Coming From The Top

my mom likes me.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Sometimes we need some brutal honesty in our lives to set us back on the right path. Parents are really the only ones who have enough insight into our lives and can tell it like it is without their kids being too offended.

Look, if girls don’t want him, girls don’t want him. He needs to come to terms with it and make a lifestyle change. Hopefully, this savage Snapchat helped. Coming up, a grandma who is putting in all the heavy lifting for her granddaughter on Tinder.

The Shame Will Never Stop

my brother entire family.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Dilicious23

No one has ever had a good mug shot. Everyone looks confused, tired, drunk and maybe rightly so. Speaking for all criminals, I think they need some better lighting though.

I love that this family is putting the past in the past and putting the mugshot where it should be — on an actual mug.

This Isn’t Awful Advice

when i said i was going to drop out.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @coursent

Look, when you’re paying thousands of dollars to go to college and sit in classes that you’re not interested in, this becomes an option.

It’s not like that piece of paper you get at the end of your four years is going to get you a job anymore anyway. Some strippers make six figures working just four hours a day. Not too shabby.

This Is An Immediate Swipe Right

single single single single.jpg

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Imagine having a grandma who just went around canvassing the fact that you’re single? That’s a bulletproof strategy to getting a husband.

No one is going to say no to you. Well, let me rephrase — no one is going to say no to your grandma which in turn means you have a date next Tuesday. Who needs a dating app when you have this woman marketing for you? Coming up, the black sheep of the family is looking real black sheep-y in this picture just ahead.

When You Find That Picture That You Look Extra Fly In

my mom fought with her.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / awalme

We all have that one picture that we’ve taken with a group of people that we look really good in. We do anything to salvage it with no restrictions.

This mom hates every other person in this picture, but that doesn’t mean that she’ll take it off the fridge when she looks so good in it.

I Know You Didn’t Just…

fanta fanta.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @cr1zy

Orange Fanta is in a league of its own when it comes to soda. It has a cult following unlike any other brand, and there’s a good reason for it.

The anticipation when you’re about to take a sip is pure bliss. The absolute devastation that this little girl would’ve felt is unimaginable, and I can’t help but cry for her. This is why we have trust issues.

The Black Sheep Of The Family

goth goth goth.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

There’s nothing wrong with being the black sheep aka the Fed-Ex child of your family. Whether you’re the only one who doesn’t like sports or the only one who is allergic to peanut butter, it’s okay to be the odd one out.

For example, this uncle is all about the gothic movement, and it’s inspiring. The fact that someone has the courage to go out in public looking like a member of KISS is amazing. Just ahead, the dreaded curfew note you never want to see.

The Back-Handed Valentines Day Card

love evan love evan.jpg

Photo Credit; Imgur

Sibling rivalries never end. There’s always going to be tension between the two of you because of competition to be the better and more accomplished child.

This card perfectly describes how love works between young brothers and sisters. Evan’s soul may be gone, but he has to do it.

Deception Is Key To Survival

Snickers (1).jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / Spideygurl

If you’re going to survive in a family full of savages you have to get creative and deceptive.

You know that your kids will demolish the mini Snickers bars in a heartbeat if they’re left unattended. The key is to put them into a bag with anything green on it because they’ll never look in that.

The Cut Throat Curfew

you have missed curfew.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / ElderCunningham

Either we had those parents, or we knew someone who had those parents that had the most strict curfews.

They are the parents who weren’t afraid to lock their kids out of the house to teach them a lesson. There was no such thing as “the silent treatment.” It was all out war when they woke up the next morning.

SIKE! Make Your Own Dang Food

not today sukka.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @lavenderfrog35

There was no better feeling than walking in from a long day at school to see your favorite meal getting made in the oven.

That is until you get older and start realizing that you have to make your own dang food for once. Adulting sucks and mostly because you actually have to cook your own food.

She’s Going To Need Some Ointment For That Burn

tried to prank my mom.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / DoYouLikeMeme

There’s no darker place to go mentally than when your mom burns your looks. Like, you literally came from her body, yet here she is making fun of it.

What kind of sick joke is that? Needless to say, you shouldn’t mess with this mom in any capacity.