Pictures That Prove These Dads Are The Superheroes We Didn’t Choose But Certainly Need

What would we do without our dads? They’re the first one to make an awful joke at the dinner table that sends us into crippling embarrassment. He’s the first one to throw a ball with you in the front yard, and the first one to intimidate your boyfriend.

What’s not to love? From the overhyped barbecues in the backyard to the constant struggle with social media, to just trying to keep up with trends in general — dads are incredible. This article is a showcase of all the superhero dads who are killing the game.

Is This The Matrix?

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Dad Fact: A study at North Carolina found that for humans (and mammals in general) the genetic makeup mostly comes from our fathers.

We have the same amount of genetic mutations from our mothers and fathers, but we use more DNA from our dads. For example, the severity of a disease can be different if it’s passed from our dad’s side.

The Coolest Dad Award Goes To…

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Dad Fact: Women obviously experience some serious hormonal changes when they’re pregnant. But a study done at the University of Michigan showed that the male partners experienced higher estrogen levels too.

The researchers think that the change comes from the mindset that they’re about to be fathers. In fact, men with higher estrogen levels tended to be more engaging fathers.

“We Have No Time For You To Be Loafing Around”

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Dad Fact: While moms tend to be really good at creating a soothing voice when talking to their kids, dads still have some work to do. Or do they?

A study at Washington State University showed that men rarely change the tone of their voice when talking to kids and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Researchers say it gives young kids a “conversational bridge” to the outside world. Coming up, the phrase that will never fail to get you what you want from your dad.

Week 1 Of Fatherhood Be Like..

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Dad Fact: Dads seem to be weasling their way out of having to do chores once they have a kid.

A study at Ohio State showed that chores were spread evenly between the men and the women before the baby. But, after the baby, women on average spent five hours on average a week doing more chores than their male partners.

That’s One Way To Control Your Kid


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Dad Fact: A study published in Psychological Science showed that daughters who had dads that did chores around the house were more aspirational.

The daughters didn’t just see mom doing the chores and aspire to be a housewife. Instead, their aspirations were directed to jobs outside of the house.

The Trick Card That Never Fails

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Dad Fact: A study in the UK found that postnatal depression and mental health problems don’t just affect the moms.

The pressures of being a new father are very real as well. Men who support their woman through postpartum depression are more likely to experience depression themselves. Just ahead, a dad who just wanted to be a part of his daughter’s cheerleading squad so badly.

Squad Goals

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Dad Fact: TIME Magazine reported that in 2011, only 61% of child support payments were made from men to women.

Working with this number, the Journal of Marriage and Family did a study and found out that lower-income dads like to contribute in other ways. They prefer to give their kids stuff like baby products, clothes, and food instead of just cash.

Taking All The Precautions On Her First Time Behind A Wheel

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Dad Fact: A study out of the University of New Hampshire found that married white and Latino men were more productive and increased their annual salary after being a parent.

The same stats did not directly correlate to black men who saw a smaller increase in hourly wages and annual earnings.

It’s Safe To Say That Dad Is Going To Be A Base

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Dad Fact: WalletHub analyzed 20 key areas like work-life balance, health conditions, financial well-being, and male-life expectancy to rank the best and worst states for working dads.

The best state was Minnesota, while the worst state was Louisana and Mississippi. Perhaps the southern cooking was weighing a little heavy on their productivity. This father needs no DNA test to prove it’s his daughter when you see this picture coming up.

He’s Not Fully With The Lingo

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Dad Fact: A study done at the University of Florida found that daughters who had a good relationship with their dads were more likely to have safe sex in college.

They figure that the correlation revolves around seeking male attention. If a father figure is present, the daughter is less likely to seek unwanted male attention outside of the home.

Golf Season Is Year Round

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Dad Fact: Fathers positively influence the development of their children through hands-on interaction, according to the Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science.

Having a father present increases problem-solving skills, and decreases emotional problems such as sadness, social withdrawal, and anxiety.

Yep, That Solidifies Any Questions

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Dad Fact: According to research done at Kent State University, a child’s ability to form social bonds almost directly is a result of that with their parents.

If kids form a trusting bond with their parents early on in life, it very well could shape the child’s social future when it comes to friends and relationships. Coming up, the hilarious gift this dad gave to his daughter at college will have you in tears.

Dads And Their Lack Of Compassion

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Dad Fact: Working dads who spent more time with their kids were a lot more satisfied with their jobs and experienced fewer conflicts in their home, finding that perfect work-life balance.

The same study found that dads who spend more time with their kids are just overall happier (which should probably go without saying).

If You’re A Mermaid, I’m A Mermaid


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Dad Fact: In 1912, Halsey Taylor invented the water fountain as a tribute to her dad. He succumbed to typhoid fever after drinking from a contaminated public water supply.

Therefore, we can thank dads for being the inspiration for a device that allows us to stay hydrated in public.

It’s Excessive, But Necessary

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Dad Fact: Although George Washington is considered the “father of our nation” he didn’t actually have any children of his own.

A study suggests that the type of tuberculosis that he contracted when he was young may have rendered him sterile. He did adopt two children. Coming up, a dad who made sure he could sleep in the pool without worrying about drowning.

Technology Makes Them Like Little Kids Again

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Dad Fact: According to the Journal of Human Reproduction, today the average dad is 31 years old at the time of their first child’s birth.

Let’s face it, at 31 years old (let’s face it, even 40) we’re not ready to throw in the hat for immature behavior. These young dads are still childish themselves and you can’t blame them for having some ridiculous fun.

Safe And Secured

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Dad Fact: As of 2017, over 52% of dads said that they were the primary grocery shopper in the family.

That is a 10% increase from 1995. It’s also interesting to note that 11% of moms research the products they buy while 24% of dads do.

New Gadgets Are Tiring

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Dad Fact: There are about 152 million males in the US alone. Of those, 70.1 million of them are fathers.

Also, it’s interesting to note that over 87 million cards are sent around on Father’s Day, making it the fourth most popular day for sending cards.

This Is Parenting In Russia

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Dad Fact: There were approximately 214,000 stay-at-home dads in America in 2014. That number has only gone up since.

While many believe that stay-at-home mothers are more beneficial, studies show differently. Children perform relatively the same, whether they’re mostly raised by moms or dads.

You’re Only Cool If You Pee Your Pants

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Dad Fact: Sonora Dodd from Spokane was the first person to suggest a “Father’s Day.” She thought about it during a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909.

It didn’t become an official holiday until upwards of 60 years later when President Richard Nixon signed the holiday into law.