Pictures That Prove These Dads Are The Superheroes We Didn’t Choose But Certainly Need

What would we do without our dads? They’re the first one to make an awful joke at the dinner table that sends us into crippling embarrassment. He’s the first one to throw a ball with you in the front yard, and the first one to intimidate your boyfriend.

What’s not to love? From the overhyped barbecues in the backyard to the constant struggle with social media, to just trying to keep up with trends in general — dads are incredible. This article is a showcase of all the superhero dads who are killing the game.

Is This The Matrix?

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Photo Credit: Instagram

Dad Fact: A study at North Carolina found that for humans (and mammals in general) the genetic makeup mostly comes from our fathers.

We have the same amount of genetic mutations from our mothers and fathers, but we use more DNA from our dads. For example, the severity of a disease can be different if it’s passed from our dad’s side.