People Who We Can Uncomfortably Relate To On So Many Levels

We all like to think of ourselves as these perfect human beings who are model citizens. We look on TV and see the trainwreck reality show stars and laugh because there’s no way we’re that bad.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble here but we’re all just treading water in the pool of life and not really swimming. We’ve all made mistakes and have bad habits that we can’t break. Unfortunately, you’ll relate to just about every single one of these people who is being straight-up weird.

You Get What Works

get what works.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @brobible

We all have that one shirt or outfit that we always end up going back to. It’s the shirt that fits perfectly, it always looks fresh and never disappoints.

It’s that first date outfit, that going-out-for-drinks outfit and that church outfit all in one. There’s nothing wrong with going with what works.

“I Drink Like 14 Drinks, A Night”

happy birthday.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / GermanPanda

It’s said that if you’re a male and have more than 14 drinks a week than you have alcoholic tendencies.

That’s ridiculous because 14 drinks go down like a bottle of water on a sunny day once the weekend hits. If everyone followed these guidelines, 80% of the population would be alcoholics (which might not be the worst thing).

Same Password For Absolutely Every Thing

username admin.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / KaiRJ

Let’s be honest, we all get a little bit lazy when it comes to making passwords. The problem is that we have about 67 websites and subscriptions that require passwords and it’s impossible to remember them all.

We stick to our two or three go-to passwords that we use for literally everything. God forbid we get hacked because then all of our accounts are compromised. Coming up, a picture that you’ll absolutely relate to because of that awful Tinder date you went on.

This Guy Is Way Too Excited For My Meal

happy meal.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

This is the face you make when it’s your friends birthday and you know you got them a killer gift. The second they start opening their present you can’t stop looking at them for their reaction.

It’s a bit of a confusing face because it’s also the one you make when you’ve pulled a prank on them and you’re waiting for the climax of the joke to happen.

Self Control Doesn’t Exist

dont talk to me.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @5thyear

Distraction is a huge issue, especially in college. When it’s finals week you look for any and every reason to not study.

A person you literally hate with a burning passion could come up and start talking to you and you’ll engage in a full three-hour conversation about cryptocurrency just to procrastinate.

Tinder Vs Reality

order sopthwest.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / flyoverthemoon

This perfectly represents the food version of what happens when you go on a Tinder date. We always forget that they put their best pictures forward and will inevitably look very different in person.

When you think you’re going on a date with Beyonce, in person they look more like Don King. Remember that time you fell asleep when cooking? Well, a hilarious example is just ahead.

Yeah, Uh, That’s What I Meant Anyway

I'm Never Asking Anyone Out Again.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Anjalaaay

Shooters shoot, and this is definitely a shot. You’ll come to quickly realize that even the biggest players only have a success rate of around 33%.

That means that two out of the three times you ask someone out on a date, they’ll reject you. The dating game is a tough space to play in, and this girl found out the hard way that it certainly doesn’t always go your way.

Chihuahuas Are Scientifically Satan’s Dog

dogs on chest.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / monkjobs

This is just a fact that can’t be debated. They’re Satan’s dog. While they may be small, they’re very mighty.

I don’t know who sent these demon dogs to earth, but it wasn’t God because he’s not that cruel. This thing will attack your face with no remorse.

Wait About 5 Minutes For It To Cool

burnt pizza.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

This is what happens when you get home from a night out and don’t realize you’re hungry until you get home.

You throw in the frozen pizza before realizing that you’re actually just really tired. You wake up the next morning and, well, this is what happens. He should just be happy his apartment didn’t turn into an oven with him being the pizza. Coming up, a picture that is the next step up from “my dog ate my homework” and it’s brilliant.

The Talent Of Being Able To Fall Asleep Anywhere

old people old people.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / H_G_Bells

When you’re having to be an adult every day of your life, it’s exhausting. You can literally fall asleep anywhere and at any time.

You could be in the middle of a hurricane or be gyrating in the middle of a tornado and that thing won’t wake you up.

I’m Already Half Way There

don't go in.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @will_ent

While we’ve already established that chihuahuas are the spawn of Satan, we should acknowledge that cats are our only hope for survival.

They’re the only domestic pet that has to face off regularly with the devil’s sons. We need to respect cats because they’re humanities only hope from protecting us.

“My Dog Ate My Homework”

walking around NYC.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram

This is the classic excuse that has been heard for centuries. I’d love to know the original kid who brought in their homework that was actually eaten by their dog.

They must be rolling in their grave knowing what kind of false epidemic of dogs eating homework that they created. Just ahead, a picture that shows a mom’s honesty that’s brutal but needed.

My Feet Are About To Get A Six Pack

gas prices.jpg

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If gas increases in price at all, most of the population is going to. have to find other ways around.

Creativity is going to play a huge role in these new developments. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing six packs on the bottoms of peoples feet from walking so much.

Grandma Still Has it

my grandma did a keg stand.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @MaddieRae5

Everyone thinks that just because you’re old that you can’t throw down with the best of them.

This grandma is breaking boundaries left, right, and center. Chugging a beer is difficult enough, now imagine balancing on a keg while drinking beer upside down.

Honesty Comes From The Top

mom likes to snapchat me.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

The great thing about moms is that they’re honest, sometimes to the detriment of your ego.

When you haven’t gone to the gym in five years, eat KFC chicken every day and have no job prospects, this is what’s needed, brutal honesty. He probably turned his life around after this. Coming up, college creativity in the kitchen at its finest.

It Seems Like A Legitimate Option

WHen I said I was going to drop.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @coursent

When you’re slaving away in college, paying thousands of dollars to go to a lecture that you couldn’t care less about, this is a solid option.

Strippers get to work for four hours a day and make tax-free tips. Strippers in Vegas bring home six digits a year, easily. Not too shabby.

Tinder Grandma Is On The Loose

tinder grandma.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / picklejinx

Why even get a dating app when your grandma is doing all of the marketing you need?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sweet little grannie going around showing you off to potential prospects? As if there’s going to be a guy that will say no to that face (the grandmas that is.)

We Get Unnecessarily Creative

alphagetty .jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / loganb185

Especially in college, we have to get really creative with how we use our food. Kraft Dinner and Alphagettys or Spaghetti-‘os are a gourmet meal for a student, so these are gourmet ice cubes.

While Gordon Ramsay and Wolfgang Puck may be screaming at the top of their lungs in disgust, I’m certainly not.

Scheduled Mental Breakdowns

break down.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Once we get to be adults, we’re just expected to have our lives and emotions together. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

When we should be scheduling our work days, we’re actually scheduling our mental breakdowns that occur way too often.

We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends

boyfriend took care of me.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @x_antisocial_butterfly_x

We’ve all been there. We’ve all been in a blackout and had to be taken care of at some point.

While some friends hold your hair and stroke your back, this boyfriend one up-ed that. She should be thankful for friends like this.