People Who Are Just Going Around Ruining Your Perfectly Good Mood

Some people wake up every morning with the intention of making the world just a little bit better. They’re the bright light in even the worst situations and just have a knack for being positive.

Then, there are the people who wake up with rage. Their goal is to ensure that everyone around them has a worse day than them. They’re the ones who are a buzzkill in every situation. We need these people around because they bring the entertainment, good or bad.

The Absolute Worst Sight

late assignments (1).jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / MrMegaGamerz

There’s nothing more calming than knowing your teacher will give a grace period for any late assignments.

Teachers who have cutthroat deadlines are the spawns of Satan. Just let us students procrastinate our end-of-term projects until the last minute in peace, please.

He’s Just A People Pleaser

hands hands %5C.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @nochill

While many people may see this picture and think that he’s two-timing these girls, I beg to differ.

He’s spreading his love to anyone who will accept it. This side-chick needs to feel accepted too, so we should be praising the selflessness of this kid.

Frat Boy Thirst Doesn’t Stop For Natural Disasters

the frat boys.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kalesalad

There’s “going hiking for three hours” thirst, and then there’s “frat boy thirst.” They’re on an entirely different level that is unmatched by any other group in society.

You’ll be at your family members funeral and you’ll still get a text from a frat boy asking you to come over so he can “make you feel better.” Coming up, we’re going to have to plan a funeral for this guy who is dreadfully stuck in the friend zone.

Karma Is A Bish

when your mom getting beat up.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @thesavageposts

This is the kind of karma that I can get behind. Yes, seeing your mother getting beat up isn’t an easy sight, but neither is seeing the golden arches in your rear view.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a McDonald’s Big Mac and McFlurry on a hot summers day. That is if the Mcflurry machine even works.

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

guys i just first acceptable.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kalesalad

This is just straight up savagery. There’s nothing more exciting than getting an acceptance letter from your dream school.

There’s also nothing quite like opening that same letter to find out that you just got trolled by your own family.

RIP To Everyone Desperately Trying To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

he tried to carry me.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @savagerealm

Where do I even begin with the friendzone? It’s one of the toughest things to break out of. This guy is certainly not on his way.

For every guy who gets out of the friendzone, another 1000 are still stuck in it just trying to blindly get out. Our thoughts are with this dude in this tough time. Just ahead, the drastic measures that need to be taken to ensure your crush isn’t talking to anyone else. It’s hilarious.

The Triple Threat

did you move in at 7.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @delusionaldoggo

I would like to call the lack of furniture “Millenial minimalist.” This is a term that describes the fact that Millenials are forced to be minimalists merely because they can’t afford furniture.

You have to look at the bright side, there’s lots of room for activities. This girl doesn’t even need to go to the gym because she can do a full aerobics/spin class in her living room.

They Look A Little Bit Bloated

adidas yeezys.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / theskyisfire

This is why it’s always sketchy to buy stuff online. People can scam you so easily and get away with it.

You could be looking for a full living room set and end up with a Barbie house and four plastic horses. This guy paid $750 for Yeezys that look like they just drowned in a pool.

Sometimes Drastic Measures Need To Be Taken

im preggo.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @nochill

The chaos that occurs in your mind when your crush doesn’t respond to your texts is truly maddening.

They won’t reply for five minutes and your brain automatically thinks they’re with another girl, feeding each other olives in Paris. There’s no rational thought process that happens. Coming up, a teacher gets back at her kids in the absolute grossest way.

Stay Away, Joe. Stay Away

thanks for taco bell.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @JoeSantagato

Mexican food is really good, but eating it definitely has its guidelines. Going to Taco Bell needs to be the last thing you do in public because of its, uh, effects on your body.

If you HAVE to go to Taco Bell in public, wear a diaper and stay as far away from your crush as possible.

The Best Way To Troll Your Basic Starbucks Loving Friends


Photo Credit: Twitter / @wellmanlaylah

Starbucks has created this weird hipster culture around it. First of all, you get shunned if you ask for a size in English. Employees won’t be afraid to scream “IT’S VENTI, IDIOT.”

It seems that everyone who drinks their coffee looks down on regular people who think Starbucks coffee tastes burnt as if they’re lesser than. We need to troll them more.

Can We Talk About How Awful Mustard Is For A Second?

mustard cupcakes.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Thatchinkchelly

While you guys might be grossed out that mustard is on cupcakes, I’m very grossed out that mustard exists in general because it tastes like toilet water and yellow crayon combined.

If mustard was a person it would be Bill Cosby. If mustard was an animal it would be a rat. If mustard was a tiny little stone, it would be the one that you can’t get out of your shoe. Just ahead, prepare to meet your spirit animal on days when nothing is going right for you.

This Should Be Against The Law

first outlet is up.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @JustBasicDave

Why do airport employees feel the need to put us in our own personal hell? The vibe of airports is bad enough, but their disregard for outlet placement is even worse.

There’s like one outlet per airport and you basically have to win The Hunger Games just to have five minutes with it.

Is That Kylie Jenner’s New Ketchup K Lipstick?

who ate my lipstick.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Just because Lassie is a dog doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to get glammed up every now and again.

She’s just as big of a fan of Kylie’s newest lip kit colors as you are, Susan, so calm it down. You’ve deprived her long enough, she went for it, and she looks really good with it on too.

“Mommy Had A Rough Day, Sweetie”

still not fully over it.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @LetRestPls

We all have those days that have emotionally drained us to no end. Everything seems to be going wrong and the only medicine in sight is that bottle of Pinot Grigio.

No errand in the world is going to separate you from that glass of wine. Jesus drank wine in public so it’s completely acceptable. Coming up, a hilarious picture that shows the lengths some people will go to avoid confrontation.

Square Up, Homie

my uber driver trippin.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @shamananabeats

Uber drivers will do anything to ensure that they get that five-star rating. They’ll have candies in the front seat, strobe lights for dancing, and they’ll fight kangaroos if that’s what you want.

As a customer, you could tell your Uber driver that he has to get a sex-change mid-ride or else you’re not going to give him the rating he wants and you best believe that his sex will be changed.

People Will Do Anything For A Good Instagram

hanging from the balcony.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / arlene_8

A limit does not exist for the lengths people will go to get a good Instagram picture. Some people will jump into a pit of alligators just so they can have the caption “OMG I’m Literally Dead LOL.”

This girl is hanging from a balcony while her boyfriend takes her picture. She wants to be able to caption it “I’m falling for you, babe.” Romantic.

So Many Questions Here

pretending what they're seeing is normal.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @x_antisocial_butterfly_x

Some people will literally do everything and anything to avoid awkwardness. There could be someone shoplifting a 100 inch TV right in front of them and they’ll poke their own eyes out just to avoid seeing it.

This two little demon children riding the escalator are invisible to all of them because God forbid they have to confront a demon.

Smell The Fresh Incense

spag city.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @semk01

The problem with being alive is that we actually have to cook for ourselves. Unless you’re Guy Fieri or Gordon Ramsay, you’ve probably almost set your house on fire before and it’s a pain to clean up.

People think cooking pasta is easy, but if you’re a klutz like this person it can turn into an incense burning ceremony really quickly.

Okay, They’re Twinning

i offer commission.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / @Sensiblyinteresting

If you want to know the best way to ruin any self-confidence you have, just go to a street artist and tell them to draw you.

They can somehow turn Beyonce into a 6/10. They made Post Malone look like he’s an awful South Park character that needs to be killed off by Kenny.