People Are Sharing The Worst Things That Happened At A Bachelor Party, And It Spirals Pretty Quickly

From start to finish, bachelor and bachelorette parties are fun for everyone. If there was one person who didn’t enjoy it, they’re probably the party poopers. As if having a night out with your best pals could suddenly turn into a nightmare you didn’t expect to happen.

Reddit user Freddie1909 was courageous enough to ask “What’s the worst thing you have witnessed on a bachelor/bachelorette party?” Needless to say, there were some juicy responses that involved strippers, bosses, and fist fights. Read along to see if your night compared to other people’s mishaps. Don’t worry, this isn’t Las Vegas.

We’ve Been Playing Mario Kart Wrong All These Years

No strip clubs or casinos or anything like that.jpg

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It’s a lot of fun when you have enough people to play. The best is eight people with two teams of four with two of them playing at a time.

However, your team has to finish each beer on each lap. Even if everyone’s watching, this is a great way to get blackout wasted.

The Aftermath Sounds Disastorous

We had an ongoing rule through the weekend that if you were holding a pint, and someone managed to get a nominated coin into it, you had to down it immediately. It was, I think, a Brazilian Real - whatever it was, it.jpg

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It’s like they had too much to drink and they threw up the Big Mac from the night before. If someone is going to suggest this at your party, find a compromise.

That way, you won’t have to actually drink the coin next time. Maybe a “finders keepers” drinking game would be a way to get everyone drunk.

Safe To Say The Office Dynamic Has Altered, Somewhat

I watched my boss, covered in lube, being ridden around the club like a horse, by a stripper with a belt around his neck acting as the reins.jpg

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Most people want to see their boss get what was coming to them, but I doubt this is what they had in mind.

As soon as the ride ends, your co-workers look on and you say “Ok, I guess this is the month I work overtime.” The next one ahead could become a t-shirt if anyone’s willing to buy it. Just don’t make the bouncer tap the sign.

Kids Are Expensive These Days

The stripper was pregnant.jpg

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This is a lyric from a rap song that hasn’t been made yet. You know you gotta tip her because she’s not just dancing for you.

She’s dancing for two, so it would be wise to give her more than a traditional tip. Nevertheless, decline the lap dance, you don’t her water to break on your lap.

That Young Man Doesn’t Need A Bar Mitzvah Now

my friends were drunk.jpg

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It’s really funny when you look back at it. It’s like he was going to the bar and restaurant district. The moment he got into the limo is just as funny as it was leaving with him in it.

That kid became a man before he turned 13. I’m not sure how old the brother actually was, but at least they brought him back after they were done.

Hey, No Butt Licking!

There was a group of about 16 of us who got a private room in a local strip club.jpg

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This could become a t-shirt if anyone’s willing to buy it. You can just picture him pointing to a sign hanging on the wall that says “NO BUTT LICKING.”

He doesn’t want to tap the sign, but he’s forced to thanks to your nonsense. Maybe next time you shouldn’t leave your brain at the door. Just ahead, after having some fun with a stripper, one person used a phrase that no one’s used before.

Don’t You Just Love Pranking Your Friends?

Had escorts come over.jpg

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Yeah, some of us know not to pull something as dumb as this. I’d be curious to find out what percentage of people cheat on bachelor/bachelorette nights compared to the ones who stay faithful through their marriage.

And that’s why you never sleep with escorts at your bachelor party.

The Groom Wasn’t The Attractive Brother, But A Nice Guy

Whole party got drunk, best man admitted to having slept with the bride. Massive bar fight followed, groom lost one of his front teeth. The wedding still happened, but he kept his mouth shut in all the pictures, best.jpg

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The party suddenly turned into a UFC match, real quick. If they’re still married, there’s a good chance those family gatherings are super awkward.

He might be too insecure to leave her. However, this is really crappy, but no one can force him to realize he’s too good for her.

The Dark And Twisted Plot Of Magic Mike

Not me, but my sisters bachelorette party had a stripper whip his _hoohaa_ out and stick it in a bride to be’s mouth on stage.I’m not sure if that’s normal for male strippers, but good lord.Also my sister got a lap d.jpg

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This sounds like a hilarious night which involved her sister trying to get alcohol to a high school party. It’s also the twisted version of Magic Mike.

Not one lady wants blood on their clothes. Once that happens, they might have discovered something — they’re blood siblings. The sole reason why you don’t take an unemployed person to the casino is just around the corner.

Wow, She Played The Long Con

My friend invited an absolute scumbag to her hen party about 7 years ago. Her reputation was that she was trash, but she showed up like a different person and was actually very nice the whole night. She was on her be.jpg

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She would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling guests! Unless her ultimate goal was to get out of attending the wedding.

Too bad she just panicked and started rummaging through everyone’s belongings. She should’ve held out for the wedding gifts.

People Really Do This

One of the guys had a _what happens in Vegas_ idea about the whole thing and kept trying to get the groom laid.He wandered off to find a hooker. The problem is we weren't even remotely close to Vegas or a hooker for .jpg

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If you’re cheating and you know it, clap your hands! This guy suddenly went on a long strange trip with the hopes of slipping one past the goalie.

Sadly, they’re in the middle of nowhere. The only way for this guy to get back to Sin City is by hitchhiking.

Who Takes An Unemployed Guy To The Casino?

We went to a casino, where he got very drunk. Ended up blowing thousands of dollars that night and he didnt seem to realise what he had done until the next morning. He was unemployed at the time and the money he spen.jpg

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That’s gotta be the worst way to start off a marriage that doesn’t involve cheating. Your so-called “friends” want you to have the time of your life.

For real though, you have to feel terrible for guys who get dragged out to elaborate barhops. All they really want to do is just stay in and relax. Some strippers have a dark secret and it’s something that would ruin the party bus.

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Buddy of mine went old school and had his bachelor party the night before the wedding. Right around 1 AM I get a call from my husband, who was a groomsmen. _Babe, you need to come get us. Now._ _Why___Eric got punche.jpg

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Someone must have been aiming for the other girl who was trying to get in on the tipping action.

Or, the guy got punched by the stripper because he pushed too many boundaries. This is fantastic as this would be a story to tell your kids… when they turn 18.

Safety First, Folks

We went paintballing in the afternoon and at one point the groom was laying down sniping when a kid snuck up behind him and just unloaded... on the groom's ass. Which would be hilarious but the paintball found it's w.jpg

Photo Credit: @LionsRacingTeam/Twitter/whitesocksflipflops/Reddit

This could have had a better ending. First of all, people need to realize that these parties don’t work the day before you tie the knot.

Secondly, the idea of some kid sniping you in the balls is funny. However, after the match, they should have made him speak his last words. Then, execute him like no tomorrow.

The Old Push & Pull

The strippers started fight each other & pulled out a gun lol. We had to kick them out & expedite our party bus plans..jpg

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Strippers apparently have prison pockets. That sounds disturbing, but some people like to be armed for whatever reason.

Hopefully, this stripper doesn’t end up at your friend’s wedding, or else you’re screwed. Still on the way, if a girl leads a guy into the bathroom, she’s not going to help him pee.

The Wolfpack Had A Night To Forget

The groom won in the casino somehow and walks away. Pretty smart you'd think. Nope, he spent all his winnings on drugs and was absolutely in no condition to have a wedding the next day. To the surprise of literally n.jpg

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That’s a surefire way to ruin your wedding one way or another. Why would anyone want to be tired and hungover right before the wedding?

There’s a million other things you can be doing the day before. Most people like to have theirs about a month before the big day.

His Stage Name Was Not Willy Wonka

At a bachelorette party where the stripper dipped his _you know what_ in chocolate, he went around to each women expecting someone to give it a taste.jpg

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People need to take a poll of who’s down to do this before you dip it in chocolate. Imagine the poor guy having to clean Hershey’s syrup off his friend.

To think, if this wasn’t what you ordered, then you have every right to be upset with what happened.

She Wasn’t Going To Help Him Pee

Bachelorette party, I randomly met them. I like dancing, used to be good looking, so bachelorette parties I used to have fun with. The bachelorette starts getting really into it, I tell her friends they should look o.jpg

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You could be so disgusted by this that you end up leaving. Considering her friends didn’t follow her in, the onus is on them.

You can call this girl any name in the book, but clearly this night got away from her. However, for her actions in the bathroom, let’s hope a big can of karma comes after to her.

What A Tough Crowd

We were a bunch of nerds in the 90s. Set up a giant LAN party for our buddy getting married. Someone hired a stripper. She gave us a shopping list of things to get including a banana. Someone brought a plantain inste.jpg

Photo Credit: @SharonSmithMD/Twitter/malkuth23/Reddit

It sounds like she tried. That’s kind of stupid. Why hire a stripper and then just ignore her, treating her as if she’s Bozo the Clown at a children’s birthday party?

In my experience, there are often one or two guys who insist on getting a stripper. Everyone else is like “Nah man, don’t do that,” but the stripper arrives anyways.

One Of Those Phrases No One Has Said Before

Bachelor party in Chicago - strippers hired to come to a house. By the end of the night, one of the strippers ended up having anal sex with an attendee in the bathroom. He pulled out and left a poo poo mushroom stamp.jpg

Photo Credit: @deanpropproperty/Twitter/slimknees/Reddit

She may have been on top while he sat on the seat, but when he left the Hershey Highway, it slapped down on it.

That just goes to show that exits not only come up quick on the highway, but in the bathroom too.