Mildly Infuriating Pictures That Manage To Get Our Blood Boiling

There are plenty of big things to be angry about in the world— the state of the economy, incurable diseases, politics in general… But sometimes, it’s the little things that really get under our skin— like mosquitoes (literally) or the way that phone chargers always break when you need them.

If the little things in life have been making you irrationally angry lately, you’re about to get a whole lot angrier. Keep reading for a parking meter that wants you to tip it for some reason, and some vegetables who definitely won’t be getting anybody pregnant any time soon.

UPS, What Part Of “Do Not Fold” Do You Not Understand?


Photo Credit: GummybearGoddess / Reddit

That envelope clearly says “do not fold” on it in big, capital, black letters. Now, this guy’s diploma is all bent up. Do you know how much he paid for that diploma?

Too much, probably. He didn’t pay over $100,000 dollars for a bent piece of paper. He paid that much for a flat piece of paper.

Why Can’t They Just Design Their Cables Better?


Photo Credit: god_eater_101 / Reddit

I would love an industrial strength iPhone charger. And throw in a super strong laptop charger while you’re at it.

Why do these things always break? I’ve never had a phone charger that lasted the entire life of my phone. It’s time for a charger upgrade.

This Parking Meter Asks For A Tip


Photo Credit: blackmarkers / Reddit

Excuse me, parking meter, you are not a human being. I will not be tipping you for your service.

This is how the robot uprising begins. The robots get mad when we don’t tip them and decide that it’s time to unionize. Soon we’re going to be seeing signs everywhere that say, “robots are people too.”

Please Make Sure Of Your Own Knowledge Before Helping Others


Photo Credit: UltraLaser23 / Reddit

Some kid is going to read this book and then be very confused for the rest of his life. There are clearly six bananas in that picture.

How does this even happen? Don’t they have editors for exactly this purpose? How many editors looked at this and didn’t realize six bananas is not the same as five bananas?

He Asked Her To Cut His Sandwich Into Three Pieces


Photo Credit: nglister / Reddit

In this case, I feel like she accidentally cut the sandwich in half and then didn’t feel like making a new one. Either that or the person who ordered the sandwich asked for it to be cut into three pieces way too late.

Whatever happened, this sandwich is infuriating to look at.

Money Well Spent On A Map


Photo Credit: HummingbirdGreen / Reddit

So, this map is probably part of a series of maps that all share a co-ordinates system. It looks a little silly, but maybe there is a method to its madness.

Ok, it looks a lot silly. Keep your co-ordinates system online and don’t waste pounds of blue ink on three-quarters of a page of water.

Yes, These Are Vegetables Individually Wrapped In Plastic


Photo Credit: BitFlow77 / Reddit

I don’t understand why anybody would do this. It’s more work, it’s more waste, and vegetables already have a tough outer skin. They don’t need much more protection.

Everything about this is wrong. My blood is boiling harder than a pot of vegetable soup. Keep reading for an advertising trick that makes us just as angry as this wrap job.

These Pencils Are The Worst


Photo Credit: Reddit

All it takes is one turn of the sharpener to turn these pencils into an unraveled mess.

Yeah, they look cool for a second, but as soon as you try to use them, they prove that they are not up to the task. These are a lot of fun to destroy though.

The Laziest Packaging


Photo Credit: Misdirected_Colors / Reddit

Gilette now sells blades in packs of four instead of packs of five. These new sets are the same price as the old sets, and they even have the same outer label.

This makes me never want to shave any hair off my body ever again.

Less Sugar Or Less Oatmeal?


Photo Credit: AthleticNerd_ / Reddit

Quaker brought out this new, 35% less sugar apple cinnamon oatmeal. Basically, it’s the same oatmeal, just less of it, so, therefore, there is less sugar— because there’s less of everything.

So they’re selling less oatmeal for the same price as more oatmeal and marketing it as healthier.

How An Italian Restaurant Shows Their Pizza Sizes


Photo Credit: Quantum13_6 / Reddit

I just have one question to ask this restaurant: but why? Why would you do this? First of all, I think people can figure out which of these is large and which is small without the labels. The labels make everything way more confusing.

Also, they’re not even the right labels!

This Guy Has Been Talking On The Phone For Ten Minutes With His Flashlight On


Photo Credit: danidonovan / Reddit

Is he purposefully trying to blind everyone around him? How does he not notice that his flashlight is on? These are very good questions that I fear will never be answered.

Whatever his reasons are, they aren’t good enough. Keep reading to see all the worst ways to open packages.

But That’s His Middle Name…


Photo Credit: keelymepie / Reddit

Why is this a rule? There are so many possible middle names that are under five characters— Nora, Lisa, Ron, Alan… the list goes on.

This is blatant name discrimination. The robots don’t care about our middle names. I think Paul is a perfectly fine name.

Getting Stuck Behind This Situation Is The Actual Worst


Photo Credit: quick711 / Reddit

I can feel the anger bubbling up inside me just thinking about being stuck behind these guys.

The truck that’s going a little bit faster should really slow down, get into the right lane, and let some faster cars pass by. It would be the decent thing to do.

Who Opens Things Like This?


Photo Credit: TheDaninDanger / Reddit

Is this person a raccoon? Does she know how to use a pair of scissors? What is happening here?

All of these products are pretty easy to open. There is no need for this amount of savagery. We can all learn to open peanut butter like civilized human beings.

The Worst Way To Wake Up In The Morning


Photo Credit: nesfor / Reddit

Why do annoying beams of light always land right across your eyelids? The whole room could be pitch dark, but then the sun and that slit in your blinds conspire to ruin your whole day.

Don’t even start telling me that you like it when this happens. That is an incorrect statement.

Is That A Speck Of Dirt On Your Screen, Or Just A Speck Of Capitalism?


Photo Credit: Reddit

This mobile ad is designed to look like there’s a bit of dirt on your screen so you’ll try to flick it off and then accidentally tap on the ad. It’s so sneaky I’m almost not mad at it.

I mean, I am still pretty mad at it, but my screen is always dirty, and I rarely try to flick dirt off of it. Maybe I’m just immune to this trickery.

When You Get Hyped For A Notification, And Then…


Photo Credit: BraveToastSandwich / Reddit

Picture this: you get a notification on your phone. You notice it’s from Snapchat. For a brief moment, you think, “maybe my crush has sent me an adorable photo”! And then you notice that it’s just Team Snapchat wishing you a happy whatever lame holiday is coming up.

Would you get irrationally angry? I would.

When You Spend Half An Hour Trying To Guess Your Password And Then This Happens


Photo Credit: GerardWayNoWay / Reddit

I swear every computer is trolling us. How can we be expected to remember all of those passwords?

So we forget, and we forget again, and then when we give up trying to remember, that’s when the password magically pops into our heads? This doesn’t seem fair at all.

Could You Not Find Another Place To Stand?


Photo Credit: Calego / Reddit

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who are angry that a woman ruined this couple’s wedding pictures, and people who are mad that this wedding took up valuable beach space.

There are also some people who aren’t angry at all because this whole thing is way too funny to be mad about.