These Celebrities Know How To Joke With Their Fans

People loving being a tease, but they’re just joking around. They don’t have any intentions of upsetting someone unless they’re trolling them. When it comes to things like making jokes, celebrities are slowly perfecting that art.

The paparazzi stalk them everywhere they go, so they have to let out some steam somehow. This usually means taking unbelievably funny photos to lighten up everyone’s day. These photos prove that fans provide famous people with clever ways to show their funny side.

They Don’t Like Cold Weather

bill mf murray.jpg

Photo Credit: shmiggs/Imgur

Bill Murray and Tom Hanks are starting to look alike. Maybe it’s time they do a Faceswap.

This so much like the kid who met Robert Downey Jr. out of his Iron Man costume. That poor kid was just as crushed as this little Tigers fan is.

I Don’t Know Who You Are, But I Will Find You And Then… FREE FOOD!

liam neeson eats for free.jpg

Photo Credit: frmacleod/Reddit

That’s great. Now, they can actually say he eats there. People can say Liam Nesson is a class act like Shaq.

One time, the NBA Hall of Famer went to a ski resort with his family. The owner wanted to compensate him and his family for the day, but Shaq turned down the offer. He paid the same price as everyone else.

Mark Hamill Is A Gift To Mankind

mark hamill.jpg

Photo Credit: Star Wars/YouTube

That face you make when you realize that Mark Hamill is behind you. Especially after you said, “Luke, I am your father” and not “No… I am your father.”

Mark Hamill is such a good guy to do all this. Gosh, him, Harrison Ford, and the late Carrie Fischer are freaking amazing people. People are somehow meeting Frodo from Lord of the Rings. You’ll never guess what he did, and that’s coming up shortly.

Kudos For Danny DeVito

its always sunny.jpg

Photo Credit: @robmcelhenney/Instagram

You might think Danny DeVito is trolling her, but, it’s more like he’s doing something he knew she would like.

He took the time and money to get this made and take it with him to the studio. Kudos to you, Mr. DeVito. This girl will be made up for life.

When The Fans Want You To Hangout With Jennifer Lawrence

chris pratt.jpg

Photo Credit: @prattprattpratt/Instagram

Chris Pratt is one funny guy. However, Jennifer Lawrence is just as funny as Pratt. The two of them posted photos on social media by pranking one another.

Pratt did his part in making Lawrence look invisible. There’s a good chance that she got back at him too.

How Are These People Meeting Elijah Wood?

elijah wood is happy af.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Oh my, he looks like a wooden dummy. It looks like Frodo kept the ring all this time without telling anyone.

He may not be able to the carry the ring, but he can certainly carry you. Not going to lie, I’d feel like hanging out with Elijah Wood would be the best time of my life. Just ahead, proof that that one actor is such a nice guy that even a rough night out can’t stop him.

He’s Rocking It Like It’s Friday Night

photobomb of the rock.jpg

Photo Credit: Boshasaurus/Reddit

You have to give it to the Rock. He always seems happy to please a fan whether they know it or not. He doesn’t seem like a total jerk, but just a really buff good guy.

The Rock is like a hero to many, so it’s no surprise why people want him to run for President in 2020.



Photo Credit: Imgur

It’s interesting that Fabio dresses like that at the market. I thought it was just for the covers for all those romance novels he was on. But, it’s amazing that he looks good for his age.

Buddy just refuses to age, especially now that he’s in his fifties. Meanwhile, some of us look bad after a night of drinking.

Tom Hanks Is Such A Nice Guy

tom hanks meets fan.jpg

Photo Credit: groucho29/Reddit

He really is the best. There’s something about Tom Hanks that makes him a national treasure. I always wanted to see Tom Hanks drunk, but this will do for now.

He would be the all-time nicest guy ever if he helped the guy get home safe and sound. Still on the way, one of the twins from Zack and Cody made a social media account trolling people for good reasons.

Not The Pittsburgh Pirates Mascot

jack sparrow.jpg

Photo Credit: Queensland Police Service

Admit it. The song from Pirates of the Caribbean just popped into your head. Love or hate Johnny Depp movies, the dude goes around children’s cancer wards dressed like this to cheer them up.

It’s almost impossible to have a dislike for someone that gives back like this.

He Played A Good Character In Guardians Of The Galaxy

michael rooker.jpg

Photo Credit: @michael_rooker/Instagram

Michael Rooker from Guardians of The Galaxy can do whatever he wants. Like, showing up to the set of Avengers: Infinity War just to mess around with Marvel fans.

Not only that, but he took a few minutes to take a selfie with a bunch of surprised Starbucks employees.

Cole Sprouse Is So Popular, He Dedicated A Whole Instagram To Fans Who Take Photos Of Him

sup cole sprouse.jpg

Photo Credit: @camera_duels/Instagram

Dylan and Cole Sprouse are all grown up. One of the twins, Cole, created the Instagram account Camera Duels.

It’s dedicated to trolling fans that try to take photos of him in public. I wonder if any paparazzi shots have made it up there yet? It’s not every day you run into someone like Jesse Pinkman at a music festival.

From Out Of Nowhere

from out of nowhere.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

He’s so generous he donated his face to your photo. This is coming from the same guy who once said “Be nice to nerds. Chances are, you’ll work for one.”

Bill Gates, don’t ever change. This is kind of photobomb people like me would expect you to do.

Hanks Does It Again

hanks does it again.jpg

Photo Credit: yomifrackle/Reddit

Celebrities who treat their fans like this know how to respect those that make their career blossom. Mad respect goes to Mr. Hanks for being a sweet individual.

The fact that he wrote back to the fan on his own typewriter would make anyone love him more.

Jesse Pinkman Not Making His Daily Rounds

aaron paul.jpg

Photo Credit: arkyde/Reddit

“Yeah, music festivals!” Anytime you see Aaron Paul, you can’t help but think of Jesse Pinkman. Don’t mind him having some fun at the festival — he’s not going to start selling meth or run into anyone like Gus Fring.

Also, it looks like Kellan Lutz is rocking the fedora too. Just ahead, Queen Bey does something to make a fans day.

Off To Find McLovin With Scott Pilgrim

off to find mclovin.jpg

Photo Credit: Tresis55/Reddit

Come on now, that’s Michael Cera. You know, the same actor who’s been on Arrested Development since 2003? No dice? Oh well, maybe go watch Superbad and Scott Pilgrim to see for yourself.

It’s good to know that she didn’t think he was random person photobombing her selfie.

She Gave Him The Okay

she gave him the okay.jpg

Photo Credit: atlasthebat/Reddit

He looks like he’s enjoying it too much. But, she’s enjoying it just as much. It seems like the logical thing to do whenever a girl gives you the okay to do this.

Everyone seems very happy here and this could be the solution to all the world’s problems.

Whatever Face You Make, I’ll Make

queen bey.jpg

Photo Credit: MarchMadnessisMe/Reddit

Beyoncé still looks gorgeous. You wouldn’t expect Queen Bey to do this sort of thing.

However, when it comes to the fans, she’ll do almost anything since it means the world to them. Beyoncé was all “Whatever face you make, I’ll make.” How nice of her to do that.

Baseball Players Know How To Have Fun Too

new kid.jpg

Photo Credit: everymanawildcat/Reddit

More baseball players need to do this if they haven’t already. This goes to show that not all ball players take things too seriously.

In fact, players like Matt Garza would do this to interact with the fans. Not only does it make their day, but that girl is going to shocked once she realizes who’s behind her.

The Good Ol Days


Photo Credit: Flickr

Every single person in the room looks happy, except for the sleeping boy. Of all people, the 44th President of the United States would know a future congressman when he saw them.

However, that certain young boy who missed the opportunity of a lifetime will be kicking himself in the butt for that.