The Strangest Facts About Stranger Things To Turn Your Life Upside Down

Stranger Things took the world by storm when it hit our very small screens in 2016. People saw the show on Netflix, fell in love with it, and started telling their friends to watch it. Pretty soon, everybody and anybody had binged the first season of this new, groundbreaking sci-fi throwback.

The second season of the show got just as much attention as the first, and now we’re pumped to see season three, which should come out sometime around winter 2018. While we’re waiting in anticipation, we discovered some of the strangest, true things about Stranger Things. Did you know that a certain actress in the series was born without legs? Read on to find out who.

The Thought Behind The Font


Photo Credit: @DelReyBooks / Twitter

The “Stranger Things” font is the same one used on the Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook from the late ’80s.

Of course, if you’re a font enthusiast, you know that already. Where are all my font enthusiasts at? Heeeyy… ho… Nobody? Ok. There is another font related fact coming up, so stay tuned.